Are You An Active Adult Or Athlete Struggling With Sciatica Pain, Preventing You From Enjoying The Pain-Free And Mobile Lifestyle You Desire?

If you're a health-conscious individual seeking a long-term solution to lead an active lifestyle free from limitations caused by pain, we can help.
Sciatica pain is often underestimated as a passing inconvenience that will resolve without intervention. It’s common for people to attribute it to sleeping or sitting in awkward positions, or they may accept it as a normal part of life that everyone experiences at some point.
If you are in this situation, know you’re not alone. We encounter these sentiments frequently at Push Through Performance, where we treat runners, athletes, and everyday adults who suffer from sciatica pain, a prevalent issue.
Before Seeking Treatment At Our Clinic, Many Patients With Sciatica Pain Have Received Various Advice, Including:
The Truth About Sciatica Pain Is As Follows:
  1. Simply resting will not effectively address the underlying problem.Although temporary relief might be felt, returning to physical activity often leads to persistent back pain and stiffness (as you may have already experienced).
  2. Experiencing sciatica pain and stiffness with age is not a natural or normal phenomenon. Addressing the issue rather than accepting it as an unavoidable part of getting older is essential.
  3. Relying solely on pain medication can be risky, as it may lead to addiction, have harmful side effects, and negatively impact overall health.
  4. Surgery and injections are not the only available solutions, even though they may be the primary options some surgeons present. Exploring alternative treatments can be beneficial in finding a comprehensive approach to sciatica pain management and recovery.

We Specialize In Aiding Runners And Active Adults Residing In The Scottsdale, Arizona Region, Empowering Them To Recover From Injuries And Emerge Even Stronger.

Our services are designed to prevent unnecessary downtime and achieve these objectives without taking medications, injections, or surgery.
Sciatica pain can be overwhelming due to the multitude of available options.

When Facing A Significant Issue Like Sciatica Pain…

Introducing Our 3-Step Method, A Tailored And Hands-On Approach To Enhance Your Well-Being.

Step 1: Uncover the Source of Your Discomfort
Our comprehensive biomechanical assessment will reveal the root cause of your pain. By understanding the underlying issues, we can create a personalized plan to guide you back to your favorite activities pain-free.
Step 2: Address Your Specific Needs
We will devise a customized treatment plan targeting your needs and goals. Our approach aims to strengthen your body and alleviate pain, enabling you to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.
Step 3: Attain Your Peak Performance
Our strategies extend beyond mere pain relief. Together, we will develop techniques to enhance your performance beyond pre-injury levels. Moreover, we’ll work on “bulletproofing” your body, reducing the likelihood of future injuries. You’ll reach your peak potential with our guidance and optimize your overall well-being.

Say Goodbye To Your Sciatica Pain Once And For All And Safeguard Against Future Recurrences!

At Push Through Performance, we have the solutions you need to:
We cater to driven individuals eager to revive their active lifestyle, even if they feel confined by their current condition.
Don’t sacrifice the things you love due to treatable issues. Let’s arrange a consultation to explore how we can help you feel like yourself again. Take the first step towards a pain-free and fulfilling life!

Dr. James Babana, PT, DPT
Owner & Founder of Push Through Performance

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