Neck Pain

Do You Find It Challenging To Sleep, Engage In Weightlifting, Reach Overhead Cabinets, Check Your Blind Spots While Driving, Or Perform Your Daily Tasks At Home Or Work Due To Neck Pain And Headaches?


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We Specialize In Treating Common Neck Disorders, Including:
These Disorders Are Typically Caused By:

The Approach Of Push Through Performance Includes The Following Strategies:

  1. Enhancing proper neck and thoracic (midback) posture.
  2. Alleviating tension in the upper neck muscles.
  3. Improving flexibility in the chest and neck muscles.
  4. Utilizing manipulation, manual joint mobilization, and manual traction to enhance joint mobility.
  5. Strengthening the neck and shoulder blade muscles for better flexion.
  6. Incorporating techniques like massage, instrument-assisted mobilization, and cupping to increase tissue mobility.
  7. Implementing specific nerve exercises to reduce nerve sensitivity and address symptoms like numbness, tingling, and arm pain.
  8. Developing functional and plyometric exercises involving throwing, catching, pushing, pulling, and pressing.

Key Points To Keep In Mind:

  1. Tissues can recover.However, sometimes our body’s repair process gets stuck in the inflammatory stage, requiring assistance to progress toward full recovery.
  2. MRI and X-ray imaging may not always accuratelycorrelate with the actual source of pain. Tissue damage may be present without pain or functional issues, and conversely, pain can exist without significant findings on imaging due to heightened nervous tissue sensitivity.
  3. Post-exercise soreness is not always a cause for concern.Actual strength gains involve micro damage to tissues, which grow stronger and thicker. Soreness can serve as a gauge to determine if the tissue is ready to handle the increased load. If not, training intensity should be reduced until it is ready.
  4. With proper guidance, good mechanics, and gradual tissue loading, returning to previous or desired activities is typically feasible.
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