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“We’ve always taken pride in our work and wanted Patient to feel special. Push Through Performance is our tool to positively impact the surrounding communities with excellent service, using skilled assessments and targeted treatments.”

Dr. James Babana, PT, DPT

Owner & Founder of Push Through Performance

Dr. Babana has a combined total of 14 years working with Patient to address pain, mobility, strength, and recover from injuries & surgical procedures. He graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL earning a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy in 2018.

Firstly, Dr. Babana is able to offer a unique approach to supporting positive lifestyle changes, improving mental & physical well-being, and promoting the best-self version in every Patient.

Furthermore, he has experience working with tough cases across all ages but has really focused his skill set in restoring neck and back pain. His particular focus has been helping people get back to fitness faster while recovering from painful disc herniation and nerve impingement. This is also true for those considering surgical interventions, as well as those who already completed their procedures.

Lastly, Dr. Babana emphasizes as a personal philosophy that it is best to modify an exercise program than completely delay it. He also believes that helping to get his Patient back in the game while maintaining fitness progress is part of his philosophy.

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