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Living with painful or achy knees might lead you to believe it’s just a natural consequence of aging or a result of wear and tear, hoping it will resolve on its own. Despite this uncertainty, the pain persists, and you can’t pinpoint the exact cause.
If you are in this situation, rest assured that you are not alone. We encounter this issue frequently in our physical therapy clinic, as knee pain ranks among the most prevalent problems.
When dealing with knee pain, everyone we meet seeks answers to these pressing questions:

"Why Is This Happening To Me?" Or "Why Am I Still Enduring Worsening Knee Pain After Tolerating It For Six Months, Or Sometimes Even Longer?"

Many believe knee pain will eventually subside, expecting it to vanish magically one morning. However, they live with discomfort for six months or more, often with the pain worsening over time. Does this sound familiar to you?
Another common scenario at our physical therapy clinic is when people visit their doctors seeking help. The well-meaning doctors often recommend rest, painkillers, and a follow-up in six weeks if the condition doesn’t improve. Unfortunately, after six weeks, when little progress is seen, patients return to the same doctor only to receive another prescription for even stronger medication and, perhaps, knee support.
Has This Ever Happened To You?
Confusion might arise from receiving different advice from various sources. Some are told to rest because walking exacerbates knee pain, while others are instructed to perform specific exercises to alleviate it. Knowing precisely what to do to prevent worsening knee pain becomes challenging.
Due to this uncertainty, many people procrastinate and delay making a decision about how to address their knee pain. Some even accept it as a normal part of life, assuming that it is something they must endure.
Do You Relate To Any Of These Experiences?

If You're Currently Dealing With Knee Pain, Here Are Seven Reasons Why It Might Be Lasting Longer Than Expected:

  1. You hoped it would resolve on its own, but the pain persisted.
  2. Following your doctor’s advice to rest and take painkillers didn’t provide lasting relief; the pills temporarily masked the pain.
  3. Influenced by a family member or friend, you accepted knee pain as a natural part of aging.
  4. Despite seeking help from other healthcare professionals or a physiotherapist in the past, nothing they suggested or did seemed to alleviate the pain.
  5. You tried using knee supports, but they didn’t contribute to reducing the pain.
  6. Attempting rest to ease severe pain and swelling in your knees didn’t yield the desired results, and you still experience daily discomfort.
  7. You attempted exercises from online sources like YouTube, but they caused more pain without alleviating the discomfort.
We’d be delighted to assist you if any of these situations resonate with you. We invite you to book a call with one of our Physical Therapists in Scottsdale, Arizona, to explore potential solutions.
The fact that you’ve already tried various approaches is beneficial, bringing you closer to finding what truly works for you! Click the link below to book a complimentary call with us. During this call, we’ll provide you with free advice over the phone, and there’s no obligation to schedule any appointments with us afterward. Our main objective is to help you make the right decision about your next steps.

"How Can I Quickly Get Rid Of My Knee Pain?"

Here are four steps you can take:
  1. Make a decision to seek help: Rather than waiting for the pain to subside on its own, take action and seek assistance. Many individuals delay seeking help, hoping the pain will disappear naturally, but the discomfort persists or worsens after months.
  1. Perform the right exercises: Engaging in a proper series of progressive exercises can significantly alleviate knee pain. A skilled Physiotherapist can provide you with tailored exercises that reduce pain, improve mobility, and prevent future issues.
  1. Mind your sitting posture: Avoid sitting in awkward positions that strain your knees. Prolonged sitting with bent knees can put undue stress on the joints. Strengthening exercises to improve posture and hands-on treatment can promote a quicker return to an active and healthy lifestyle.
  1. Seek hands-on Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy has effectively addressed knee pain. At Push Through Performance, we regularly assist athletes and active adults with knee pain. If knee pain hinders your work, daily activities, or quality time with loved ones, our Physical Therapy can help you regain control over your life as swiftly as possible.
If you’re interested in experiencing less knee pain, we welcome you, to begin with a free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at our Push Through Performance clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Note: We understand that some individuals may feel nervous or skeptical about trying Physical Therapy, unsure of its potential benefits or suitability for their needs. If you are in this situation, we encourage you to take advantage of our Free Total Body Diagnostic session. This session is designed to address your concerns, identify any issues, and explore the appropriate course of action – all without any financial risk on your part. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to work together in determining what may be wrong and how we can help you, providing you with the assurance you need to make an informed decision about your health.

So, You Might Be Wondering…

"How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Push Through Performance Help You Get Rid Of Your Knee Pain Within The Next Few Days?"

Here are just a few ways our dedicated Physical Therapy Team can make a difference:
Ultimately, the Physical Therapy Team at Push Through Performance is dedicated to helping you live a life free from the annoyance and discomfort of chronic knee pain.
If you want to know the cost and availability at our clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, simply click the button below and complete a short form.

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