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Are You Experiencing Discomfort In Your Ankle Or Foot That Is Hindering Your Ability To Walk, Run, Jump, Descend Stairs, Or Perform Your Daily Job Or Household Duties?

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Our expertise lies in treating a variety of common ankle/foot conditions, including:

The Most Common Causes:
Push Through Performance Approach:
Treatment Options for Ankles and Feet:
Key Concepts to Understand:
  1. Tissues Heal: The body can repair itself naturally, but sometimes it may get stuck in the inflammatory phase of tissue healing. In such cases, external assistance may be required to transition to the recovery phase.
  1. Discomfort and Imaging Results: The actual source of pain often may not correlate with X-ray or MRI imaging results. Tissue injuries that appear on imaging may not always cause pain or functional limitations, while pain can sometimes arise without evident findings on imaging due to nerve tissue oversensitivity.
  1. Soreness after Exercise: Feeling soreness after exercise is not necessarily a cause for concern. Strengthening and improving the body’s capabilities often involve micro-damage from system overloading. As the tissue heals, it becomes thicker and stronger than before. Assessing soreness helps determine whether the tissue is ready for additional load, requires maintenance at the current level, or needs a reduction in training intensity until it’s better prepared.
  1. Return to Activities: With proper education, appropriate mechanics, and gradual tissue loading, it is usually feasible to return to previous or desired activities successfully. These factors play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process.
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